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Shoes for you – The Male Edition

Though, usually associated with the female gender, shoes are actually as beloved and cherished by the male species (surprise, surprise). They’re a great way of showing off your style, knowledge of trends and pulling any kind of outfit together. Particularly, with mens shoes, quality is key. Nobody wants to see a shoe on a well dressed ( and well meaning ) man that looks as if it will fall apart within the next couple of minutes. So, what to do? If you have a big budget, no problem. But with a smaller budget we suggest to buy a selection of shoes that will stay on trend for some time and complement all outfits you’re going to wear this year. Here are our suggestions :

The Sneaker : 


Our Choice : Menshoes, Menswear trend, 2014Previously hated as fashion item, its comfort has won us over and they’re now allowed to let lose on the street. Our choice of model is a little less bold than the one seen at Fashion Week; this allows you to wear it as much as a statement item, as to go to a brunch. They’re comfortable, have a bit of an edge and are spot on trend. What do you want more?

The Loafer :

Menshoes, Menswear trend, 2014
Our Choice Menshoes, Menswear trend, 2014

The loafer has long been seen as a symbol of preppy ( potentially pretty) boys. Forget that. The loafer is not only easy to put on, extremely easy to be quite accurate but has also become a sartorial style element. Apparently, the ones who dare even wear it to the office. We don’t guarantee anything, but you’re making a good choice by owning at least one stylish pair of loafers.

The Classic :

Menshoes, Menswear trend, 2014

Our Choice :

Menshoes, Menswear trend, 2014
Quite frankly, if you don’t own one of these yet then you’re either a lost cause or really, really, really need to get one. The staple shoe for every man ( yes, even if you don’t consider yourself quite that fashionable). Why is it a staple you ask? Well, because it can be literally worn to any occasion! We lie, maybe not a pool party. But for anything else you’ll be spot on and safe in your decision with this model. So, what are you waiting for?


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