To put “spring” in your walk

Following storms, rain and a generally grey weather, it now finally seems as if spring is arriving. Some fashion warriors already brave the (still-taunting) chill with lighter coats and happier colors. The shop windows entice us to dream about warmer weathers and sooner or later invitations for cocktail parties, picnics and music events will flood your inbox. If you are as excited about dressing in less than 10 layers as we are, then this is the season where you figuratively, or literally if you happen to be a flower that can read and go on the internet, bloom. And what does every female human flower need in her closet? Yes, you might have guessed it, shoes. So, here we are having carefully curated the best spring soles for you to walk into the warmer season.

8000115366_01The Comfortable :

Before you force your feet into spring-shock, why not slowly re-adapt them with a comfortable slipper? In metallic no less, this shoe peps up every outfit, from a lovely little black dress to jeans and t-shirt.

2602259718_01The Stylish Middle Child :

Not quite a slipper anymore, but not yet a full blown heel. Perfect for a spring in your walk without having to painstakingly navigate your feet around grips and pebble stones.

8000025311_01The Classic :

Mid-heel, closed toe, black patent. Really, if you don’t own this one yet then it is time for an investment for years and office/cocktail parties to come.

8000114941_01The Fashionable :

Our personal favorite. Looks like high-end couture but without the price tag. The color combination works with most outfits, and the enforced ankle strap provides stability to your walk.

8000113355_01The Wild :

Attention, here you come. Rhinestones, red leather and open toes, this one is a must for everyone who seriously wants to impress with their footwear. Ideal to vamp up a darker outfit or to give that extra oomph to your summer dress.


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