Five Tips for a Stylish Refurbishment 2014

You’ve been there. You’ve made your New Year’s resolutions, maybe even added some new pieces to your wardrobe and altogether vowed to become a new, or slightly improved you.

But then you come back home from your jogging session – how long will this resolution last? – fall into your old sofa and cease being inspired. Everything looks the same, the same old you. So incredibly 2013. Before you notice it you fall back into your old habits, slouching towards your coffee machine in the morning, cursing over your broken light bulbs and vowing to put some new colours onto the walls.

  • We’re here to help you with five refurbishment tips and suggestions for furniture that won’t break the bank. For a new you, a new feeling in your flat and a sensible investment in 2014! Do you like comics? Frame them and put them on the wall. A fan of cats? Get a huge cat printed carpet. Did I hear indoor swing? The rule here is to add one item that is completely and utterly bonkers and keep the rest neutral. It will immediately change the atmosphere of your room, and you can indulge in your guilty pleasure.
  • If you have printed wall paper or coloured walls, it’s probably time to change. Trust us, everything looks better and fresher against a crisp white background.
  • You may go crazy with pillows and carpets, they’re affordable and an excellent way to change the environment of a room. Just remember that the rest of the furniture should be quite simple and of a similar colour scheme.
  • You have book shelfs and tons of little items? Colour coordinate your books with little islands of your figurines, memories or tiny images. It looks pulled together and like a lot more work than it is.
  • A huge simple mirror. We say no more.

Our shopping suggestions – Airbound :

lamps, lamp trends
1. Doodle Lamps
2. A Fashionable Wall Flower
3. The gorgeous light
4. For Fashion Animals
5. For Star Gazers
6. Party People

Our shopping suggestions – Groundbound :

Seats, Seat trends
1. DIY Inspo
2. Your modernHighness
3. Simple and Sleek
4. Ideally with Lamp 4
5. So comfortable..
6. Colour your life


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