What one Brand really expects of Bloggers

This blog is neither hateful, nor trying to stir controversy, nor looking for trouble. Unless, obviously, trouble searches us and we just can’t help ourselves ignoring trouble a second time around. In this case trouble comes in the form of a rather respect-less email we have now had the pleasure of receiving for the second time.

Whether they simply ignored our reply the first time around, or whether their policy is to try until the other succumbs, is unclear.

We present to you one brand seeking for trouble :

Brand, Trouble, Blogger Death, Blogger Endorsements

Apart from point 1, that a brand could indeed take the effort to find the name of the person running the blog, paragraph one looks, well, let’s say okay. Though, it is questionable what industry blogs they work with. Are these industry blogs secret? Do they exist? And.. which industry? Right between Fashion, Parenting, Lifestyle and Sport you might as well be talking about the gardening industry, which quite frankly interests our readers probably very little. And believe it or not but interest is quite important. Also, your product must have some kind of magic multi-use! Go on, try to think about a product off the top of your head which fits into all these “industries”. (this product didn’t, btw)

So far, so good. Point 2, you “may” be able to offer? Let us be clear here, you’re asking us for something but you only “may” be able to reciprocate? Ok.

“Free of charge content”- you get into the fields of trouble here! We didn’t ask you for content so, since you are approaching us, and not the other way around, it “may” be assumed that whatever content you have for us is free of charge. Unless, you know where Edward Snowden is, we could chip in then.

“In exchange for a link back”- you have now reached the epicenter of trouble. As you, dear brand, are probably well aware, if you weren’t you’d need to fire a “substantial” amount of people, a link back nowadays is an excellent way to raise your companies SEO and publicity.

So you “may” be offering us “free content” in exchange for us basically doing your job, that is raising awareness about your company and increasing your revenue? That sounds like a grand deal.

Let’s think a moment. How about no.

Here is where we have waded through trouble and entered a lack of respect for the recipient of this email.

Point 3, your substantial team of writers who cover everything, basically. Do they, or do they not work for you? Do you have to say “access to” because they’re too embarrassed to be closely affiliated with you? If they are professional writers, they probably should be.

We’re also very much excited that these writers would produce content we didn’t ask for – “at your expense”. Given that you’re the one “accessing” them, however, one would only assume that you also cover their cost.

Though the potential to gift you a free link back and promotion more than once sounds extremely tempting our mother always told us :

“Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.”

Thus, you might gather that we politely decline your offer of having your content and link on our website once and repeatedly, free of charge, of course.

Finally, point 4, if we have complete control over the content of each piece, why don’t you ask us to write it for you? This can only have two reasons : either you’re too afraid that the article will not portray you in a light you wish to be portrayed in or because you think that “our substantial team of writers” is incapable of writing. Neither of the two options sound like something we’d like a brand that works with us to think.

So, with the kindest regards and the courtesy of removing both your brand and your representative’s name from the email, we allow ourselves to give you this advice, free of charge : don’t contact us again.

Disclaimer : Like most blogs FF does indeed accept sponsored back links, though only under the condition that our readers would be interested in the company/brand/concept and that we personally like it.


2 thoughts on “What one Brand really expects of Bloggers

  1. Smells strongly of someone in PR desperately trying to pass off their next few product press releases as well-written and researched “content”, and get a free link back to their site into the bargain.

  2. Why are some people in PR so ill-mannered?! It is common courtesy to at least address the person you are writing to. Maybe it’s because blogging is fairly ‘new’ in the publishing world, it and bloggers alike are yet to be taken seriously. We can be pretty good writers ourselves don’t they know?

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