Fashion, Buy and Sell lightly used Designer Dresses ( perfect for that gift you really didn’t need) is Ireland’s only online store for used designer dresses and other clothes. You can buy all the great brands you love for a fraction of the high street price and trade up your wardrobe by selling your used designer dresses and other clothes that you no longer want.
At we hope that people can see the value of giving their designer dresses and other clothes a new lease of life outside their wardrobe, with a new owner!

The company was started to give people the opportunity to realise the value locked in their wardrobe. In fact most people never even wear 50% of their clothes, yet we still go out regularly to buy new items. allows people to trade up their wardrobe through buying and selling the used designer dresses and other clothes they love.

Shopping, Second Hand, Online Second Hand

 So how does Littlethings work?

 Clean out your closet! Request a free shipping bag to send us your used designer dresses and other clothes. It is the easiest way to clean out your wardrobe, and you can earn a few quid while doing it. Then we get to work.Once your used designer dresses and other clothes are received, they are carefully reviewed, measured and professionally photographed. You get paid up-front, plus we pay for shipping. That sounds pretty easy, right? We take the very best used designer dresses and other clothes we receive, ensure it’s in excellent condition, and sell it for up to 80% off retail. Great Brands at a price you can afford, what a good start into the New Year.

For some people can be a way to realise some much needed cash, for others, it is a way to buy beautiful clothes at affordable prices.

This Irish company was founded by Roman Sadowski and Enda Glynn in the summer of 2013. Roman and Enda met in university in Galway in 2010, they immediately hit it off and bounced business ideas off each other. Both are from different backgrounds and different countries with different histories but both have the unifying goal of building a great company that creates real value for their customer.

Shopping, Second Hand, Online Second Hand

And here some questions answered that we feel you might want to ask : 

  • How do you decide on the price you give a person for the clothes they are selling?

Once we receive a shipment from a subscriber, we vet each designer dresses with the help of our on site fashion experts, who have a keen eye for the real thing. We then do a search of the retailers to qualify the general price range of the brand in question on the retail shelves. Should the garments comply to the conditions set out, the subscriber has two choices;
– they can choose to accept an offer of up to 10% of the retail price immediately.
– or they can instruct us to sell the items for them and receive up 20% of the retail price, given that the actual end selling price allows, in this instance the onward mailing costs are borne by the owner of the used designer dresses as with any listing site, for example EBAY.

  • If the items of clothing that are sent to you are not suitable, are they returned?

Should the clothes fail to be accepted, the subscriber can get their clothes back on payment of the relevant postage costs or they can choose to have their clothes donated to a reputable charity, in which case they will receive a donation receipt.

  • If you receive designer dresses, how do you determine they are not fake?

When it comes to the quality of the fabric, thread count, weight, feel etc, the real thing will always shine through. We will of course be relying on our senses plus some handy contacts in the industry. If we suspect a fake, we will not be accepting it into our inventory.

  • How is any better than a consignment store?

In terms of the subscriber who wishes to sell us their designer dresses and other clothes, we offer the same service as the consignment store all from the comfort of your own sitting room, no rain, no queues and no hassle. From the perspective of the shopper the online experience we have tried to create is equal in terms of service and better in terms of price in comparison to other online retail stores, the only difference being, the designer dresses and other clothes were loved beforehand.

Sponsored by, we’re happy to support this green and lucrative alternative to throwing clothes away.


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