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A Plus-Size Barbie Doll?

That Barbie couldn’t be able to walk would she be an actual human being is – to most – not news. With her extensive legs and exaggerated proportions said beloved childhood toy would be crawling around on the floor in her 5-inch heels and fancy dresses. So, why should we actually bother about a doll that doesn’t even remotely reflect how a human being, let alone a women, looks like? I am quite frankly not sure and personally believe that we should just let Barbie be what she is, a fictitious toy, that some play with and then discard like any other toy they own.

She’s a doll, a play thing and far from real, but isn’t that the whole point? Would we really want children to play with toys that bear exact anatomical features? Should Barbie have nipples?

However, it seems that others take the doll more to heart and try to give it some sort of.. make-over? A facebook group “Plus Size Modelling” recently sparked Social Media controversy by posting an image of a Barbie doll that apparently looks like a Plus-Size lady, along with the question whether  toy companies should produce such dolls.

Plus Size, Plus Size Barbie

I find that this group ought to answer a couple of questions for their readers :

1. Would this doll be able to walk? Seeing her tiny ankles and tiny wrists, would she even be able to dress herself?

2. Is this really what Plus-Size women look like?

3. Should women really lower themselves to the standard of looking like a doll, any type of doll?

4. Is it really important for female self-esteem to see Barbie look like her? Doesn’t this perpetuate a rather comical superficial idea of the female sex?

5. Would you let your child play with a Plus-Size doll or with the original Barbie?



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