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Last minute Christmas Gifts

Especially if you just simply don’t have the time or the nerve to go outside and play human Tetris on the highstreet. Which is why is the perfect online sanctuary for all your last minute needs, from small to big ones, for the entire family and friends. Here we have selected a couple of items, but feel free to take your on browse since they stock over 1000 articles and they’re all affordable as well!

Jewelry for the Lady, Daughter, Friend or Mother in your Life :

Last minute christmas, gifts, jewellry
1. Gold Plated Acorn : A simple piece that even the least girly girl can cherish and wear on many occasions.
2. Chandelier Earrings : Perfect for both Christmas and New Years and then  every party afterwards, thus investment for the future ( hint : they contain Swarovski crystals).
3. Speech Bubble Brooch : For the quirky Zoey Deschanel type of girl or the younger generation; or maybe even to turn that old turtle neck into a hip statement pullover without spending much cash.
4. Dinosaur Earrings : Subtle enough to wear to work and cool enough to turn heads with a LBD and an updo at the next night out.
5. Gold Gemstone Stacking Rings : Jump on the Finger-Party Trend or share between your group of girls.

Foodporn Accessories for ehr, everyone :

Foodporn, Lat Minute Christmas Gifts
1. Champagne Cork Stool : Sure, it’s especially amazing for New Year’s but how amazing would it be to vamp up your flat with this?
2. Spaghetti Measurer : One of the neglected items that either results into not enough food at the table or too much food going to waste – measuring made easy “I’m hungry like a horse!”
3. Personalised Silver Plated Cheese Knife : Someone, somewhere eats cheese right now. This is for them, personally. Never again without style.
4. 3 Month Curry Subscription : The gift that keeps on giving, try new things, invite other people for dinner or surprise your hobby cook every for 3 month with this subscription

For the ones that don’t fit the mould :

Quirky Gifts for Christmas
1.  Dolly Leather Necklace : Wear it with a masculine shirt and jeans or a dress, handmade and unique.
2. Hidden Message Mittens : You need them anyways, so why not gift them with a hidden message only for the wearer to be discovered?
3. Furry Fake Deer Head : Now your man or dad may safely pretend that he’s a real hunting hero without upsetting the female part of the house.
4. Felt Frog Bag : This handmade bag may delight the little ones, or the Fashion and Price conscious Fashion Insider who knows that animal bags are on trend.
5. Ceramic Mini Village : A sleek decoration, thank you gift for a party host or toy for the nieces.

Happy Shopping!

This post is sponsored by an online store that’s playing christmas angel right now.


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