Rubik´s Cube House, Interactive Design for 2014

Giant Rubik´s Cube ahoi. If you happen to be drunk and about in Linz, Austria, make sure not to boast about your Rubik´s Cube solving abilities because very quickly you might have to prove yourself in front of the whole city. How you ask? Well, it so happens that there exists a house with a  Puzzlefacade interface ( yes, you are reading correctly) designed by Javier Lloret for his thesis in Interface Culture. This means that you can basically play the Rubik´s Cube on an immense scale by virtue of operating a normal sized blank one. However, added complications arise since you are always only capable of seeing a maximum of two sides, I guess unless you team up with a group of people armed with camera phones.

The current world record holder Matt Valk, from the Netherlands, completed a normal Rubik’s Cube in 5.55 seconds. Can you beat him?



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