Fat Fashion

There are two ways to view these illustrations Alexsandro Palombo from HumorChic made of Fashion Icons – mind you, even the word icon in connection with a couple of these people brings us into dangerous waters.

Way number one : is what I assume it´s intended to be and widely shared on the internet as ( Buzzfeed for example). Namely, light-hearted fun. Since the Fashion Industry is notoriously known for featuring models that are below the body size of most women on the street and propagating a “skinny is beautiful, equals fitting into designer clothing ” image, one is allowed to give them a bit of their own medicine.

Make them fat that is. Take that Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld and Karl Lagerfeld – not so fashionable any longer are we?

As two of the unwilling participants in these illustrations, Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford, were at one point in their life truly this size it is remarkable how harsh particularly the prior is in respect to beauty and fuller figures : “No one wants to see round women on the catwalk.” Define no one, Karl.

Looking at it from this perspective, the artist is trying to bring home the idea that bodies come in all shapes and sizes and unless you´re genetically blessed or borderline starving yourself you will not look like Anna Dello Russo. Maybe it´s a wake up call for the major players in the Fashion Industry?

Way number two : is a little less favourable to this artist and personally, I am behind this view, no matter how much ethical value the other one might hold.
All we do by looking at these images is feeling happy at other´s suffering, though only on paper. We feel excited to show it to them (Anna, Karl etc.).

Well, really, this is not getting anyone anywhere apart from actually saying that being big, chubby etc. is actually ugly and undesirable.

And that is the real, though unintended message behind these images. A vicious feeling of satisfaction to see others put in their place, through an attack on body forms, portraying bigger people as fats food chugging and lazy slobs.  Sure, it might be fun to see Anna Wintour like this, but does it really send the right message? And if it´s just light-hearted fun, then does it really need to be aimed at body forms?



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