City Backpacks – The Earth Backpack

Some days ago our team had the pleasure of receiving a neat little backpack in the mail. Though we’re all female and mildly handbag obsessed, we value our health and a good spine more than the newest Celiné handbag. So, we decided to give backpacks a try. Not only did we discover that the tensions in our arms have significantly reduced but backpacks, reminiscing of school days, are actually ridiculously useful and contain a significant amount of store space.

This specific backpack is a navy blue model made from canvas with details from vegetable leather.

City Backpacks

This might not make it a backpack that you can spot a mile away (neon, leopard or whatever your heart yearns for) but instead it’s a bag that you can pretty much wear for every occasion. It’s subtle enough to take it to work and yet simple enough to complement a night’s out outfit. Trust us, you’ll love this backpack once you realize you can store half of your wardrobe in it. What’s particularly lovely about the style of the backpack is the zips and the good finishing, too often do you find zips that will break sooner than later, or seams that burst open.

We can’t vouch for it but after testing it for some days we feel that we should be able to.

City Backpacks

The Brand : The Earth ( Korean Brand launched in 2010)
Colour : Navy Blue with Vegetable Leather details
Leather : Vegetable Leather tanned in Tuscany
Seams : Blue
Zips : Gold and White

Pockets : One in the front part inside and one in the back inside, assuming for your pc
Extras : Reflective strip on the front ( hello bikers!)
Cushioned back ( hello comfort!)
Top Grab Handle
Care : Hand wash and drip dry
Quality/ Durability : Excellent price to quality ratio

City Backpacks

Check the backpack’s overall look out here and maybe have a sneaky look around the website : City Backpacks

Disclaimer : We received the backpack to review it, however all opinions are our own.


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