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Trends for Autumn and Winter 2013

Yes, yes. I know, Fashion Weeks are all over the place and we’re already dreading to wear summery garments again. But, unfortunately, we still have to survive autumn and winter before we can do that. And while we’re in survival mode, we might as well look gorgeous, right? Right. And this is why we compiled 3 trends divided into garment, detail and silhouette for you from A/W Fashion Weeks all over the world.

Trend in Garments : The Cape

‘Lo and behold, you’re allowed to play super hero this season. Capes of all sizes and colours are very “in trend” and you can find them easily in any high street store. Your grandmother’s favourite now finds place in your wardrobe and they’re perfect for stylish layering skills.

Trend in Silhouettes : The A-Line

Perfect to hide a little winter tummy and to feel very feminine. A-line skirts can be worn with boots, chunky knit socks and maybe a cape? A-line coats pull together your outfit and add a sophisticated touch to pretty much anything you’re wearing underneath.

Trends in Details : Turtle Neck

No more v-neck pullovers, no more sore throats. Turtles and their necks are here to save you. Ideal detail to save you from a flu and from wearing a huge scarf. Accessorize with chunky earrings and your hair put up, that way it will slim down your face and all focus will be on your pretty visage!

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