Nip/Tuck is the new little black dress

OMG. I can’t believe it, her face is so 2011!

Far from being apologetic for promoting plastic surgery Dr. Ramtin Kassir took the craze for a new face to the ultimate (?) next level. Crying over size-zero models is so last season, why not try and wrap our heads around a show that consists solely of Dr. Kassir’s patients? A show that boasts about the transformation of its participants, irrespective of ethical concerns or taste. It’s fashion week and the “anything goes” credo might have just been taken the step too far.

faces of beauty

A “fashion” Show that showcases what the knife and needle can do on the skin, and to our body. The human being as the ultimate self-transforming object and the skin as the malleable accessory. More of a self-promotion, an ego boost for Dr. Kassir, less of an event that should be repeated.

Beauty, really, only seems to be skin-deep.

Fashion trends come and go with the seasons, your face and your body shouldn’t.



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