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London Fashion Week Trends – Part Three

Part One and Part Two here : Part One / Part Two

Antipodium : 

Antipodium is here to make us think. That is, apart from wondering where the coherence in the entire collection was, we got stuck thinking about the fantastic translucent mermaid-ish dress. Screw coherence. But seriously, it was rather hard to find an idea behind the collection that pulled it all together, which is a shame as most of the outfits were quite nice on their own.

Nevertheless, we can’t wait to see someone rock the sheer outfits. Truth or dare : do you like it or would you wear it?

The colours : confusing, everything but yellow and orange hues
Print : Yes, strangely enough houndstooth print
Wearable : Depends which outfit of the collection you pick
Style : From everything a little bit, but still a rather sober collection

Tata Naka : 

We adore this collection. It’s a bit of theater gone modern with Picasso paintings. It’s fashionable enough to wear to a really cool event while it while protecting your decency. With cleverly done cut outs on shoulders and torso, it is fresh and sexy in a subtle way; what more, it is the sort of dress you can throw on and be dressed, don’t worry about wearing anything else as statement piece! Nude heels and pulling your hair up and you’re done. What’s not to love?

The colours : mix of reds, blues, pinks and white
Print : Yes, picassoesque prints
Wearable : For that special occasion
Style : Colourful bohemian

Jean-Pierre Braganza :

Pink pastels, and a majority of pretty intense print work made this a collection for those of the female gender that want to walk into a room dressed easy yet wishing to make a statement. Clear, straight cuts dominated most of the dresses which means it isn’t suited for every body type, but for the fierce tall and slender girls. Some of the outfits might have to be toned down just a bit however, unless you want to be mistaken with a Pollock painting.

The colours : hues of pink, white, red and black print
Print : Yes, asian style and crazy lines
Wearable : Depends on the outfit you pick, generally yes
Style : Artsy cool


Right out of a psychedelic punk’s dream KTZ showcased a collection where you may wonder a little who their consumer group is. Nevermind the fact that as art pieces the garments, the bold brows and the horns (!) we’re pretty “rad”, we cannot see anyone actually wear this, unless of course, next year fashion week in order to get their picture snapped. Or maybe it was the print which reminded us of a mixture of bee hives with a moth attack which was used just a little too generously.

The colours : white, black, hues of grey, pink and blue
Print : Yes, nothing good if you suffer from trypophobia
Wearable : Not really
Style : Dark punk wave

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