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Fashion Week is Stupid

There’s more reasons than not why Fashion Week can be considered stupid and encouraging self-promotion. And you know what – it’s true.

Fashion Week is a trade Show and shouldn’t be a Circus.


One of our readers walked into Somerset House to see an exhibition and told us that after seeing a group of people wearing full face masks he was genuinely too scared to hang out there. I just shrugged my shoulders and said : ” It’s fashion.” But after a moment of reflection, and a confused look of the others, I had to explain that I am using the term fashion loosely and it’s Fashion Week’s fault!

1. People standing around waiting to get their picture taken a.k.a. Self Promotion

Technically the rule goes, if you’re not inside you’re not important but ever since Social Media encourages intense self-promotion and attendance of tons of street style photographers, it appears to be a worthwhile endeavor to stand outside for hours, desperately seeking for your picture to be snapped. Some people even go as far as walking around slowly and then just stopping in the middle of the place (probably musing about the world and that so-this-season item they need to get) making it impossible for the people who run from show to show to get past them and their crowd of IPhone snappers.

We prefer the ones that just stand on the side after having rolled themselves through a thrift store and look upset/or busy.


2. Brands showering you with tiny versions of pretty much everything a.k.a. Brand Promotion

If you’re one of the people who aren’t outside but inside then you most likely will have seen fashionistas frantically trying to grab PopCrisps, fancy drinks, and raid goodie bags. Basically, everything that’s free and can be detached is up for grabs. It’s actually quite scary to watch, but we all love goodies. Right? Well, brands are obviously aware of that and use all of us as little promotion minions, ranging from tweeting about the goodies, to posting images on instagram. And we’re all happy to do it. Albeit most of the things will get discarded soon after or shoved into a cupboard and forgotten..

Brand Promotion Kopie


Fashion itself is not stupid, but the way in which Fashion Week is being handled dilutes the fact that it’s not about getting inside, it’s about keeping people outside. Fashion is a luxury, and Fashion Week isn’t the sales at Primark or Junior Prom. It’s hard work and most people who are there are actually receiving remuneration for attending the shows.

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