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London Fashion Week Trends – Part Two

Orla Kiely : 

The fun loving prints that used to grace children’s room are now taking over the catwalk, or the safari if you so wish. Set in the urban safari Orla Kiely mixes girl guides with her unique colourful prints that boast among others : giraffes and zebras. Orla Kiely then rounds off the outfit with adorable mini animal bags, completing the 70’s inspired brownies look.

The colours : white, brown, grey, blue, orange and yellow hues
Print : Yes, animals
Wearable : Yes
Style : Cute, child-like

Mark Fast : 

We first came across Mark Fast when we found a dress remotely resembling one part of a pair of tights in Selfridges, little did we know that people actually manage to squeeze in there and wear it as a dress. (One reason why our favourite were the unexpected palazzo pants) As a London Fashion Week stable Mark Fast had his audience with a grunge and pop inspired look, mixing Russell Brand’s hair and sunglasses with pops of colours on the garments. Wearable or not, he’s here to stay.

The colours : grey, black, hues of blue and pops of yellow
Print : No, Knitwear
Wearable : Depending how much you dare to bare
Style : Urban, ready to party

Ping He : 

Ping He had, after a long wait in the rain for the audience, her models stroll down the runway in very classic ensembles. Black and white clearly dominated, with the makeup and hair finishing up the look. Clear cuts and shapes appeared to be the main inspiration behind Ping He’s ready to wear range. Perfect for work, these outfits might have not lifted us out of our seats but at least we can see ourselves sporting them during the week.

The colours : predominantly black and white
Print : No
Wearable : Absolutely
Style : Office or afternoon drink

Palmer // Harding : 

We’re human and therefore biased. Palmer // Harding has been on our ones to watch radar for ages. With their crisp white shirts and their innovative take on garment structure they’re pretty much the bee’s knee when it comes to simple, sleek and fashionable outfits. Their outfits are perfect for an understated look and for mix and matching. Major Love.

The colours : white, blue and beige
Print : No
Wearable : Absolutely
Style : Understated fashionable

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