Mothers know best featuring American Apparel


I was in my mid-teens and thought American Apparel was like the coolest thing everr. Excited to find a store in my home town I dragged my dear mother in. Never will I forget her harsh judgement on the clothing, not to mention she has never seen an advert of American Apparel before.

“We used to throw these things in the trash. Do they really make money selling this?”

Yes mother. They do. I am now embarrassed that I was holding a silver latex leggings in my hand, trying to show my mother how I will finally be one of the cool kids wearing this. Unfortunately, she was right, most people will never look good in any of this ( including me). It’s neither flattering, nor good quality and definitely not cheap, while we’re at it.

I’m a little older now, maybe even wiser, and I still gaze at the colourful, spandex infused windows of American Apparel. I wouldn’t purchase anything anymore though. I already look like a clown trying to wear the drop crotch trousers and midriff tops. No need to add more disaster to my life. So, let’s get a tad more serious. Nothing that hasn’t been sad before, but really, everything has been said before (they’ve been sued a couple of times), what is it with these advertisements American Apparel? I thought porn, and especially porn that makes women look like underage sex workers high on heroin belongs in a Pc folder entitled “Dolphin images and marine research” instead of plastered on billboards around the country. As opposed to my silver leggings encounter, I am fairly certain about that. These advertisements just leave an uncomfortable aftertaste in the mouth. And many questions.

Are we supposed to wear American Apparel outfits like this? Is this even clothing? At what point is one undressed when dressing in American Apparel?

In the words of everyone’s mothers : “Please child, don’t do this to yourself.”

All of these are genuine American Apparel Adverts, taken from their Tumblr.


3 thoughts on “Mothers know best featuring American Apparel

  1. I agree that the advertisements are pretty smutty for a clothing company. But they do have cute pieces beyond the spandex, like their accessories. But, yeah – I really don’t get the point of putting these girls in sexual poses and exposing themselves because guys would rather look at that and not their target audiences – girls.

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