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London Fashion Week Trends – Part One

Due to the sheer amount of images from the shows we attended, we decided to do two posts highlighting the trends from each show, instead of doing one for each show individually. You can find part two here.

Holly Fulton :

Apparently inspired by pop siren Noosha Fox, Holly Fulton created beautifully feminine garments, from silk lounging pants to full on wide skirt dresses. Each of them were adorned with either blue and red prints reminiscent for us of chinese vases, or geometric patterns in the hues of brown and orange inspired by William Mitchell.

The colours : white, blue, red hues, brown hues, orange
Print : Yes, geometric, oranges and
Wearable : Yes
Style : Feminine, wide skirts and silk


Krystof Strozyna :

Since we’re not talking hair on this blog, let us set aside the despicable choice of bobs. That’s so Beyonce Summer 2013 and quite frankly, it looked as if the models were wearing mushrooms on their head. Concerning the clothing, we expected more from Krystof Strozyna. Albeit the outfits were all more than ready to wear, apart from the colour choice, particularly on the palazzo pants, and the odd lip appliqué, they were also a bit bland. Nevertheless, staying on the safe side is still better than sending models down the runway wearing Skittles as dresses. So, all in all, a nice office style or cocktail party outfit range.

The colours :  yellow, blue hues, grey, black and white
Print : No, but lip appliqués
Wearable : Yes
Style : Simple falling shapes

John Rocha :

Again feminine shapes, and romantic elegance. With lovely structures and clear cut lines John Rocha created a subtly imposing collection. The runway ways almost exclusively dominated by bouncy skirts and dresses, saying adios to trousers and hello to a more rounded shape.
Although the models had to carry complex amounts of organza and sculpted blossoms, they graced the catwalk almost weightlessly which made the entire spectacle a pleasure to watch.

The colours : white, black, hints of yellow and red
Print : Yes
Wearable : Yes, although the black garments were almost a little too sad
Style : Lots of volume on the skirts, feminine all over

Ashish :

A favourite of the london fashion crowd, and admittedly a designer that we become to like more and more as well. The opulence, the crowns, the wild hair all made for a wonderful view on the catwalk. Our particular interest lies within the completely embelished outfits, nothing screams more “look at me” than breezing into a place and reflecting the sunshine from every direction in all colours of the rainbow.

Now the bad, do we really need to have shirts that spell out brand names such as coca cola? Do we really need to spend hundreds of pounds in order to have one of Ashish’s ripped trousers when we can just drag an old Primark one through a pack of rats?

The colours : rainbow
Print : Yes, stripes and texts
Wearable : Maybe 2% of the collection unless you’re attending the VMA’s
Style : Crystals taking over the streets

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