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Swedish School of Textile EXIT 13 – Focus on 3 Trends

The Swedish School of Textiles show was one of the most innovative and excellent shows in the past two days. So it is particularly unfortunate that we had to leave early to run to Holly Fulton’s Show at Somerset House ( If you’re reading this and in charge of planning, pretty please space out the shows better?). What we’ve seen however has converted us into Swedish Design lovers for better or worse. Three major trends were going on throughout the Show which gave space for creative graduates to present their collections to the audience, and quite frankly some London Designers could learn a lot from what we’ve seen at this Show.

1. Latex :

Firstly, we’re not talking Pandemonia style, performance artist or night club all over latex, and yes, we are talking about unisex latex covering both : male and female bodies. Hard to imagine? Think about a silk shirt on that good looking men over there – or in the mirror if you’re a male specimen, whatever makes you happier – and now imagine that the latex we are talking about can boast the same delicate, soft and subtle quality of said imagined shirt. Basically, almost non-latex like. Blushed hues and circle cuts that aid the latex to fall nicely on top, and you’re ready to wear latex to brunch.

2. Butts : 

Ladies, do your squats, this season it seems to be all about the butt. From enhanced butts on your dress, ( Are we really still obsessed with Pippa, or did we miss a new celebrity butt?) to going bare on the back.

Business in the front, party in the back.

Fashion Week in Sweden is there to fulfill your wildest butt dreams and the men may dress as one huge soft golden ball to accessorize and for the female audience’s cuddling desires.

3. Plastic :

One thing the designers were all excellent at, and it isn’t truly a surprise, was the use of Textiles for their outfits. Latex and sheer mesh alongside an extensive use of plastic coating over normal fabric.

Basically when you glue cling film to your jeans. 

Beats the Maison Martin Margiela Paint covered garments if you ask us. And even if you disagree, one has to admit that the glitter, the reflections and even the sounds some of these garments made were just plain plastic fantastic.

Designers in no particular order : Emelie Ahlner, Jesper Danielsson, Anna Margareta Svensson, Elias Hogberg, Saina Koohnavard, Emelie Johansson, Emma Lindquist, Klara Hobbs, Emelie Arvidsson, Karolina Persson, Zizi Zhu, Abril Vergara Lozano, Ida Klamborn, Karin Schneider


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