London Fashion Week

The eternal struggle or What to wear to Fashion Week?

Admittedly, right between hustling for yourself or your company and looking for an empty plug to charge your digital brain (read: your mobile phone) it can become quite the challenge to look cool and at the same time actually wear something that doesn’t require you to wear suck-in-pants or towering heels. We all know that bleeding feet are a no-no when you’re dragging yourself into the Louboutin Showroom or hysterically running towards those goodie bags, and quite frankly breathing freely shouldn’t be underestimated either.

So, kudos if you’re one of those who can manage all of this without breaking a sweat. For us others, worry not for Fashion Fetishism is at your disposal!

And because we’re currently looking out of the window and it looks rather gloomy over here in London, the office  voted and we think that a punk inspired look shall save you from Fashion Week Closet Frenzy. Plus, punk is as british as the milk in your tea. ( On a concerned side note, if you suffer from the sniffles after this rainy breakdown the past couple of days, do yourself a favour and have some tea! Or visit your grandmother and be pampered, or if you’re cheeky, do both..)

We’re going for sophisticated punk, so you my dear reader don’t get confused with a circus animal and can breeze into any of these high end store openings without looking misplaced whilst at the same time maintaining that edgy “I just put it together in my sleep, that’s how I roll” look. Finally, punk is the perfect way to dress in this weather, or if punk has a bitter after taste in your dictionary, call it the rough Power Onion Look.

Be ready for all weather, be ready to rumble, be ready for Fashion Week!

We discovered that Trilogy Stores has an lovely Denim Selection, plus Guidelines for every body form thinkable. You’re welcome pear shapes! And because good jeans pretty much survive anything ( better than cockroaches, in our humble opinion) we are going to start playing dress-up with a pair of good ol’ boyfriend jeans. We suggest you raid your big brother’s closet or your boyfriends and you’ll find something new to wear, plus it won’t cost a thing! Otherwise, why not start with this cropped Current Elliot Boyfriend Jeans ?

Trilogy, Boyfriend Jeans
The crop makes you look pretty casual while the dark colour hides any make-up smudges courtesy of your clumsy hand; the high waist covers those nifty holiday pounds that always manage to hide somewhere.. We don’t suggest you walking barefoot, so why not try some Doc Marten’s? They should survive even the most extreme fashion marathon, all while protecting your toes from the vicious stumping of all the other ladies.

Doc MartensNow, going a little higher to protect your modesty : add a chic blouse with some leather applications for that sleek and sophisticated punk we’re aiming for. Our pick is this Helmut Lang Blouse, but quite frankly, why not instead try your boyfriends white collared shirt? We promise it looks even better on you – but only for the ones that really dig the rough look.

Ohne Tite2l KopieIt can get really cold both outside due to the nasty London rain, and inside due to extensive air-conditioning, so let’s throw a beautiful shawl on top of the outfit. Plus, if the weather is nice, just wrap it on your bag for a quirky and if  you just got a blow dry done, style it around your head for some Hollywood Glam.

ShawlWhat’s missing? You guessed it, a warm and comfy coat to wrap yourself up during your cab ride home.

Congratulations, you officially survived the first day of Fashion Week style wise. Now don’t forget about that cup of tea to add a british cherry on top!


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