Violence towards women in Fashion

Unfortunately, this is not news. One could view fashion as violent towards women already by the mere fact that garments for designers are modelled by women of a body size most other women can never achieve. Or maybe, more violent, the fact that apparently model agencies scout their models from anorexia clinics. Potentially even, fashion is violent towards women because we wreck our feet in shoes that are more made to be looked at than walked in and other fancies of the industry. However, the violence we’re referring here to is real (?), say realistic enough to be troubling, imagery of women being exploited, beaten and abused – all that in the name of fashion.
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Sadly, we’re almost used to group rape scenes over a dramatically placed woman, almost insensitive to the message the ads, of the like of Dolce&Gabbana, convey, and almost oblivious to the gender’s oversexualisation. One would think the public becomes a little more enraged when a woman is clearly portrayed as beaten, as “victim” of fashion. Mind you dear advertisement agencies, I have never seen a lace dress beat up a woman, people do that, not garments. What about women being killed in various manners, then disposed of – while wearing high fashion outfits? That seems more the fabric of Law and Order than of an advertisement, essentially meant to convince the female audience to wear the designer’s clothing.
Given that all of these advertisements are meant for a female audience, one most truly wonder what message they’re giving; our recent take on American Apparel advertisement appears tame compared to the female degradation portrayed in front of us. It seems that women are items, to be used, abused and discarded of similarly to the clothing they’re wearing.
There is neither respect towards the wearer nor the worn item made out in these advertisement. Instead they’re a brutish, pseudo-sexy, way beyond artsy exploitation of topics that make us look and remember the brand. Every publicity is good publicity, apparently even rape, murder and torture. That is.. as long as it’s women wearing haute couture. Shame on you, designers.


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