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Fashion on Drugs : Adderall, Xanax and other prescription substances

Have you been looking for Adderall lately? Maybe a bit of Xanax? What about Vicodin?

Not into prescription drugs? But you are into Fashion? Then wait no longer, now you can officially be part of the “bad-ass cool kids who abuse prescription drugs”. Or something in that direction, now, at least, you can pretend you know your Adderall from your Xanax by virtue of wearing your heart on your sleeve. That is : your drug on your back.

Kitsune, Adderall, Xanax

You think I’m typing this while being high? Trust me I only abuse my coffee cup through dangerously insane refills. Fashion addiction is one thing, promoting substance abuse another. While many people wear shirt glorifying the use of (now sometimes) legal cannabis, it still seems to shock that a brand would go so far as to promote prescription medication on their shirts. Kitson, the brand in question here, has made itself a name by copy-catting brand names such as Hermes and Celine, turning them into Homiés and Feliné. I’m sure if you’ve spend a minimal amount on blogs in the past months, you’ve seen at least one person wearing these “Oh so tongue in cheek” outfits. Setting aside whether that’s just the best way to dilute the brand image on these copy-catted brands, these medication promoting shirts are, to say the least, problematic.

Xanax, Lichtenstein, Kitsune

Many have complained because they had a friend or family member suffering or dying from substance abuse, and Kitson along with Brian Lichtenstein have hit back. It’s Art.


But what makes art Art with a capital A?
And when is too much too much concerning promotion?

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