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Gram Shoes – Sophisticated Sneakers

Scandinavian design aesthetic? Tick. Comfort? Tick. Simple yet stylish Shoes? Tick.


Gram Shoes, Sneaker

As much as it’s hard to change the rules within the fashion game, Gram Shoes level up the play field. Not only do they look pretty sophisticated on your feet, but they are also categorised by their weight – that is, in gram. If  you have ever wondered why your feet are so heavy you can’t lift them anymore, it was probably those skyscraper wood wedges you had put on. It’s time to change. Do it for your feet.

Gram Shoes indicate their weight, so that you, the consumer, know that only the most necessary has been done to create a beautiful product. No silly add ons, no unnecessary weight.

Image 488g khaki canvas
Enough weight talk, onto the design! Due to the Scandinavian origin of the brand one can expect excellence in simplicity from Gram Sneakers. Done by hand and using unusual fabrics such as faded canvas and vegetable tanned leather, each shoe celebrates the craftmanship behind and the no-fluff approach to design.

Image 383g washed beige linen
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