3 Outfit Styles for a Wedding in 2014

“What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined together to strengthen each other in all labor, to minister to each other in all sorrow, to share with each other in all gladness, to be one with each other in the silent unspoken memories?” George Eliot

During the summer season it often seems as though the lovers spring out of the ground like mushrooms in autumn. Festivities are held, cars are honked and glasses filled with champagne clinker on the table next to you. Occasionally, you will have been overrun on your evenings out by brides and husbands to be, trying to sell you miniature alcohol bottles, condoms or for the ones with extreme selling skills – balloons.

Just like when that kid ( the annoyingly loud one, preferably right in front of you) gets his 5 seconds of fame in the restaurant with his flame throwing birthday cake, you acknowledge the situation, however, have forgotten about it soon. Hopefully, because that  kid just threw pasta at you..
For the newlywed on the other hand, it’s a bond for life, a moment to remember,  to cherish, from whereon nothing will ever remain the same. Now, with the recent law changes in many countries, even more so, as same-sex couples can finally legally marry and take part in something that same-sex couples have enjoyed for years.

There is probably many more things to figure out for the wedding ceremony than I can imagine, which seems to explain the recent rise in celebrity, and non-celebrity wedding planners. But, from the newbie standpoint, I am pretty sure that you need shoes and rings, right? I mean, unless you have a beach wedding, get your ring tattooed, or anything else super funky that we haven’t heard of yet.
So, let FashionFetishism help you with what we’re good at : Fashion.

We have selected three types of wedding styles which all come at different budgets – giving you more for the honey moon and the rest of your married life.

wedding rings, wedding shoes

The Indie Ease : For the woman that enjoys the beauty of having a marriage, but never wanted to ride in a carriage on a white horse meeting her prince. With nude leather ballerinas from Aldo you evade any wobbling about, along the aisle or the afterparty, and the intricate ring from Les Néréides cherishes the girl who has now become a married woman.

wedding rings, wedding outfits,The Traditional Elegance : Subtle heels, rounded toe part indicates a more mature woman, or someone who hones the elegance of earlier hollywood. With these nude patent court shoes from L.K Bennett you’re in safe hands ( or shoes, but you get the drift). The ring from Swarovski boasts lots of crystal pavé, and a strong feeling of connection, of the bond you’re about to take.

Engagement RingsThe Fashionable Classic : White shoes, diamond ring. A lot of girls – apparently – dream of having a princess marriage, and with these items you’re sure to get what you want. And we don’t mean your partner.
These extremely stylish white high heels from Rupert Sanderson look as good with a simple white silk dress, as they would with a tulle outfit. The white gold ring from complements your look in the understated way that only diamonds can do.

Good luck!

This post was sponsored by, the advice, outfit compilation etc. is ours.


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