Reflective Photography – Alexandre Borderau

As a child, were you fascinated by M.C. Escher’s self portrait? ( involving a reflective ball, for those who are a little out of their art history) Of course great ideas get picked up eventually, and as it happens this idea did get picked up, and I have to admit, translated quite nicely. Alexandre Borderau, mainly known for his creative photo manipulations, recently launched the series Sphere, involving just such a reflective ball as in good ol’ M.C. Escher. The result is an almost whimsical rain drop like sphere in the middle of the art work, highlighting structures, buildings and nature elements that are outside of the original scope of the photograph.

And here are the results : AlexandreBordereausphere7 AlexandreBordereausphere6 AlexandreBordereausphere1 AlexandreBordereausphere9 AlexandreBordereausphere3 AlexandreBordereausphere5 AlexandreBordereausphere2 AlexandreBordereausphere8 AlexandreBordereausphere4


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