Show me your nails and I will tell you who you are

Unfortunately, I’m incapable of intense introductions and will soon hit a dry spot – nail varnish peeling wise ( it’s Chanel’s Peridot, for the ones “in the know”) – so, I’ll cut to the chase. How often do you do your nails? Per week? Per month? But wait before you take a good look at those hands of yours! There’s more. What does it even mean to do you nails? And I don’t mean to insert a mildly funny pun in here.. Are we speaking about gel polish, fake nails, Shellac, nail varnish on real nails, these-tiny-bubbles-you-stick-on-your-nails-which-I still-don’t-understand, nails wraps, stripes, glitter, or behold magnetic nail varnish? Editor’s note: this list is by no means exhaustive!Panic! Behold, my bottle of nail varnish now even boast’s a fancier name than theSun can predict for the Royal Baby.

When did we ever become so obsessed about our nails? I remember being a teenager and I thought I was mad cool just because my black nail varnish was half way peeled off. It showed that I didn’t care, or as I’d like to think, was too cool to care. Maybe I have grown up. Maybe I have lost my cool. But what I am certain of is that I, for mysterious reasons, own a colour palette of nail varnishes that could be Pantone’s..



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