The Antwerp Fashion Department – Graduate Collection

Swiftly gratifying visual pleasures – our favourite selection from the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of the Fine Arts. Remember articles about the futuristic 3D dresses, before the hype? Yes, people like Iris van Herpen came from this school. What does this mean? Well, these are probably one of the most exciting graduates to see this year!
2x top Camo-net-pink-dress 3x shoot 2 top-green-cannabis-dress-jungle-exxxotica 4x 1x CONTINENTAL-1 shoot 3 collection_playtime_klok 5xGraduates include in no particular order : Pierre Renaux, Devon Halfnight Leflufy, Lise Eerens, Jezabelle Cormio, Felix Boehm, Alexandra Helminger, Dimitri Arvanitis, Alice Dupraz-Toulouse, Sol Alonso Nicolich, Jack Davey, Wim Bruynooghe, Ehssan Morshed Sefat, Mattia Vanseveren, Minju Kim


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