Vagina, Vagina on the Wall who’s the Fairest of them All?

We won’t descend into the depth – no depth that is – of Cosmopolitan style Sex Talk, but try and see the Art component of this .. Wall of Vagina’s. Admittedly, I have a hard time accepting this as Art,  but then I’m also always the one that starts giggling into her scarf in a Modern Art Museum at an “Untitled” Red Dot on White Canvas, or more appropriately in my head “The Paper Cut”. So, probably, the Artistic lack of this project is due to my limited insight into the world of Art. Clearly, I should acknowledge the social and cultural influence, the nuances, the thought processes behind, research and love put into this project. I should. But however much I try, all I see is Vagina casts put on a wall. Really, therefore, the Artists is taking credit for the form of the female body, for nature. More nicely seen, taking credit for molding female genitalia into plastic and hanging it up on a white wall – we are in an Art Gallery after all folks. What this exhibition piece does on the other hand are two positive things, although for removed from Art : Sex Education – that’s right my bearded fellows, this is how it looks like in broad daylight! and highlighting natural variety.  And what I’m left with is the question whether any visitor ever tried to count all the intimate piercings exhibited?!
Finished sculpture 3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Great Wall of Vagina photoshoot 1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Panel 9 Panel 6 Panel 10 Panel 1More here

2 thoughts on “Vagina, Vagina on the Wall who’s the Fairest of them All?

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