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Zahia Dehar – From Underage Prostitute to third Season Haute Couture

In the deep dark fashion mud of the past seasons I remember reading about a girl, who allegedly worked as underage prostitute. After developing a certain reputation said young girl then attempted to work as a designer and to bring a lingerie label on the market. To be quite frank, back then I thought to myself that she wouldn’t have been the first one that tried to make the most of her 15 seconds of fame; and sex sells. That thought – I forgot about her, until recently..

Zahia Dehar, the young girl, now finally over 18, did make great use of the press coverage that went along with her sex scandal, involving two french national footballers back in 2010. Over the past three years Miss. Dehar got a cover shoot on the spanish version of V-Magazine, was shot in her own collection by Terry Richardson and created her lingerie collection and perfumes with one of the current icons in fashion : the shade wearing, Choupette stroking, Karl Lagerfeld. Her past might be scandal ridden but her future doesn’t appear half that bad. There truly aren’t many people who manage to bring out three collections without sufficient training, or will ever work with the like of Karl Lagerfeld, not to mention doing both. So, something must speak for Zahia Dehar. What is it, you ask?

Well, as disappointing as that may sound for those who expect more gossip at this point, it’s most likely the fact that Zahia Dehar’s lingerie is simply gorgeous.
It includes delicate corsets, girly dresses and fantastic lingerie, with a style emulating a more haute couture version of Victoria’s Secrets and a less boudoir version than the likes of Agent Provocateur. The items are well thought through, intricately made – one dress is covered completely in fake flower petals – and could be from any already long established brand. Think La Perla, just a bit more youthful and funky. Nothing about these pieces reminds the wearer of the scandal that has made them possible. The only downside left is the juicy price tag, starting at approximately 500£ a piece.

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