What to wear for a date ?

It’s officially spring. Not because the sun has finally come out, or because you’re eyeing your cardigans critically (because, really, they should go now!), no. It’s spring because couples shoot up from the floor, out of their dark college dorms, into the sunny streets, like mushrooms in autumn. A phenomenon of spring, if you ask me. I am still not clear where they hid all winter long. Or maybe, it’s biological. Apparently, people are more likely to go on dates and look for ‘the other’ in spring. I’m assuming that’s because you don’t have to onion yourself up any longer in ancient geological layers of clothing, but instead can roam around in the park, wearing a cute outfit (without frost bite on your nose or hands).

If you’re one of the single ones looking right now (that is the ones that don’t have endured winter holding hands in the freezing cold) then you’re probably also dating. Maybe you’ve come out of a long term relationship, hibernation or maybe you just enjoy dating, whatever your reasons are, what you want is a look that’s all together comfortable for you to be confident and enjoy yourself.

And because I’m nice, I saved you an afternoon running around in stores shopping for womens designer clothing, which you may now spend on either an additional date or just in the sun instead. Sounds great, I know.

The below list has been compiled from online retailers of the likes of Zara, Designer Desirables, Topshop and Asos. Once again, it’s all about saving time, so there you have four outfits, compiled out of pieces that keep re-appearing, and which can be both dressed up and down. A jumpsuit will immediately dress you – no matter what you add afterwards; cosy cardigans comfort you and give you the security that no winter roll is peeking out, blazers ( especially this super awesome print ensemble) give the whole outfit a serious touch.

Or just roll yourself into a bag of potatoes – trust me, he’s going to like you either way.

Daytime Date Outfit :

1.) Supertrash Jumpsuit, J.W. Anderson Jacket, Ruby & Ed Trainers, or Senso Sandals (add necklace at your taste)

2.)Pama Rama Sweater, Asos Geo Pants, Chain and Thread Collar (decide which shoes from 1.), maybe even add the jacket? )

Nighttime Date Outfit :


1.) Asos Geo Blazer, Asos Geo Pants with Boutique Shirt, and Senso Sandals (or maybe the sneakers so you can really dance all night long?)

2.) Supertrash Jumpsuit, Zara Blazer, Gwenda High Heels and my favourite one Petal Earcuff!

This post has been sponsored, all opinions and recommendations are my own.


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