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Céline’s Mink Shoes: Disaster on your feet?

That’s right. Because, you know, we love shoes blahblah.  But in reality this is more of a post like this one. Shoes that aren’t out to kill you, but out to question your sanity. Mind you, unfortunately, there’s a couple of these shoes out there. These Celine Furry Shoes are the gold star winner on my list though. I mean – look at them. You’re basically wearing Reese Witherspoon’s pink coloured miniature dog from Legally Blond on your feet. Or, more direct, you’re sweeping the life out of the floor you’re walking on with these Mink Shoes.

As opposed to earlier recycling trends within the Fashion Industry, this is more the desperate out-cry of a designer locked into a padded cell for a couple of days. He probably watched too much Where the Wild Things are. What’s really wild is walking in these things and stepping into a chewing gum. Like running with lions wild! You may have to throw your investment piece (??) after that. Alternatively, imagine they catch fire : “Dayum gurlll you’re shoes are on fiiiireeee” – No, really you are burning; in reality and on any of these neat fashion magazine in and out lists. Of course, only a couple of months after the campaigns are finally over, one wouldn’t want to annoy one’s sponsors.

The only time you could probably wear these is in winter, unless you magically don’t possess sweat pores on your feet .. which might be the case if you’re one of the mystical fashion creatures. Good luck washing, blow drying and straightening your shoes after the salt snow attacks. You, my friend, must have a lot of time and patience on hand.celine-paris-fashion-week-spring-summer-2012-fur-shoe-3 celine-paris-fashion-week-spring-summer-2012-fur-shoe-5
( The point about walking in a dog is quite accurate given that these are made out of Mink Fur )


3 thoughts on “Céline’s Mink Shoes: Disaster on your feet?

      • As for me, the Birkenstocks with fur idea is very… Unique and the mink heels are a really fresh idea in fashion! And I abosolutly love fur in shoes. Example the pink Alexander Wang stilettos from archives. What I love more about Celine are the colours!

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