How to dress for an Cocktail Event : Different Styles

It’s time. The sun is out, evenings become longer, the weather is warmer and these little fancy drinks in your hand just keep refilling. After a long episode of hibernation, one can dare to go back outside without more layers than person. However, as is my case, that long hibernation ( ehr ehr not the candy in my hand) might have added a couple “love” wobbly bits here and there. And you realise you don’t fit into most of your summer cocktail dresses any longer. Fear not. Let me present you with different solutions at various prices, all intended to cover up those hips and tummy of yours!

A side word of warning, my style has recently been called eclectic, or as I like to say “colour and pattern blind” – but it’s fun!

Style 1.) D&G Dress, Sam Ubhi Earrings, Bronx Shoes : because that would be my dream outfit, if affordable, dresses down with booties – because maybe, just maybe you haven’t had time for your pedicure

Style 2.) Lanvin Dress, Les Nereides Earrings, River Island Shoes : that dress is incredibly flattering and gives anyone a slim upper torso, without FitBoxing!


Style 3.) My Evening Dress Dress, Sam Edelman Shoes OR guess what Park Lane Shoes : the classic dress, hiding the tummy and hips, creating a wasp waist, and being effortless elegant, I’d wear it with the second shoe option for a cool art party, gallery opening etc. first option more for.. date with that boy? ( you don’t want to scare him off do you)

Style 4.) My Evening Dress Dress, Timeless Shoes : the same style in white, for those who already have a miracle like tan, dressed up with fun and summery high heelsCocktail1

Style 5.) Reiss Dress, Pilgrim Ring, Timeless Kitten Heels : perfect for an after work cocktail, elegant and feminine, creates a lovely figure through very sneaky colour crafting and hides bulky arm bits

Style 6.) Reiss Jumpsuit, Ashiana Ring, Park Lane Shoes : another of my favourites, a jumpsuit – because you’re immediately dressed and still decent if you run after a cab


One thought on “How to dress for an Cocktail Event : Different Styles

  1. I am in LOVE with that D&G dress. Like I want it SO MUCH. These are all great little tips on how to wear cocktail dresses and I’m very happy you didn’t encourage the whole “Throw on a billion necklaces and bracelets and you’ll be FASHIONABLE” type of deal, which happens so much.

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