4 Easy steps to create a Boudoir Bedroom – escape and relax

In this crazy, busy world we live in it can be hard sometimes to find time to relax, unwind and forget
about day to day stresses. Creating a boudoir bedroom is a great way to get that exclusive feel for a
private place belonging only to you – it’s elegant, flirty and completely relaxing. Plus it’s really easy
to achieve the look; a few updates like new bedding, furniture and a lick of paint can make all the
difference. Let’s see how:-


To create a beautiful boudoir bedroom you’ll need to choose a warm, luxurious colour scheme.
Deep purple, gold, red wines are great shades to choose. They exude an exquisite richness that’s
perfect for creating a space of opulence. They can however, be a little bit dark so you’ll need to paint
selectively. Choose one wall as a feature and leave the rest of the room in a lighter shade. If you’re
really struggling for space, keep the walls light and use your accessories and furnishings as accent
colours to bring out those rich shades.


If you want to create a wholly boudoir appeal, you need to be strict on what you allow in your room.
Replace your desk and laptop with a dressing table and candles. Clear the clutter that doesn’t need
to be there – the little things like moving your laundry basket to the bathroom and hanging your
coats up in the hallway rather than in your bedroom, will make all the difference. Keep your TV in
the lounge, and place time limits on electrical devices like your laptop. By limiting your time spent
looking at a screen you’ll give your eyes a break and have more time to focus on you – why not
indulge in your favourite book or give your partner a massage?


Oversized gilded mirrors, candles and plush trinkets are the way forward here. If you’re looking to
create a sexy appeal, why not hang around your room your favourite lacy lingerie?


Making a statement is really important. Whether it’s a uniquely shaped chest or cabinet with
cabriole legs (offering a truly Victorian sense of sexiness), satin bed linen with cashmere throws and
ornate cushions, or an upholstered chaise longue at the foot of your bed, you need your space to be
alive with luxurious trinkets


This is a sponsored post.


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