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The Kitten Heels that are out to Keel you.

In all seriousness, I love shoes. I mean, which girl/woman doesn’t? (by all means, feel free to offer your 2 pence in the comment section if you do not like shoes) However, as much as I have dragged my numb feet along on party nights due to small-sized shoes, or too tight ankle wraps, however much I have cursed shoes because of blisters, little blood spots on my tights after a whole day of showing off, however much anything.. Fact is, I have never ever seen anything remotely as painful as this new “trend” of kitten heels, which almost literally poked my eyes when I opened my Vogue. Let me add that I am used to a certain amount of feet distortion, not yet Asian feet-to-tiny-packets-wrapping, but chaussures a pointe in ballet pain. So I am not talking out of nowhere. These shoes are crazy, and they’re out to kill your little feet. And probably eradicate all your love for shoes for the next couple of centuries. They look so painful my toes hide under the table, and I congratulate any woman who manages to walk a mile in them. We’re all used to fashion trends that force us into too little, too tight or too weird. But this, this is just too painful. Even for Fashion. I mean, couldn’t it have been a hint for the Designers that they had to Photoshop the feet of their models into the shoes?


Fashion Pain, courtesy of Louis Vuitton, and Prada



2 thoughts on “The Kitten Heels that are out to Keel you.

  1. I agree with you… the MOST uncomfortable shoes… look so sophisticated though…. if I was younger I would’ve probably worn them no matter what…lol…

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