Marcus Mb Photography – The 365 Day Project

So, I got stuck on this up and coming young phtographer – Marcus MB – whilst scrolling through the FashionFetishism tumblr and I cannot stop!”At this very moment Marcus has taken upon himself the challenge of the 365 project. As the name of the project indicates, the task of this challenge is to capture and process, a photo every single day within the span of the 365 days.” I’ll definitely be checking in from time to time. Will you?45944_468185479909776_610211955_n 521370_456402684421389_1822862103_n 320900_462945533767104_1750721046_n 539009_474636219264702_1720957103_n 574817_386148264780165_1722010127_n 559712_495246200537037_352489586_n 320938_467241450004179_521359791_n
More here


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