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Eudon Choi AW13 – London Fashion Week

It’s London Fashion Week time! That means people who are too busy and too dressed up to care that it’s pretty ugly weather out there, and who wear shoes you could probably kill a chicken with – just by throwing them.
Setting the Fashion Zoo – in which I more or less drowned last evening- aside, first up Eudon Choi’s AW13 Collection : “For AW13 I wanted to continue to explore the idea of protection that emerged in my AW12 Terra Nova collection which was inspired by Captain Scott’s final, fateful expedition to Antarctica. But for AW13, I wanted to inject a sense of romanticism and nostalgia and explore something more overtly feminine. My starting point for the collection was Russia and the strong, dignified and proud women who kept their families together during the Russian revolution. For many it meant leaving everything behind and travelling across the ocean to America to give their children a better life. They brought with them their culture and customs and my AW13 collection re-imagines their traditional dress in a contemporary way.”

482582_10200336648394704_1442447147_n 488116_10200336653394829_1871380533_n 21753_10200336649314727_1789819148_n 64562_10200336652194799_509851773_n 551387_10200336656514907_430775571_n 8710_10200336654914867_745010959_n


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