Raimond Suspension Light


I assume everyone at this point has thrown away their glittery christmas balls and those – yes those – plastic remembrances of a chubby beardy man and his reindeer. Do you miss the subtler aspect of your christmas decoration? Maybe the calming and beautiful effect the flickering candles had? Or maybe the delicate rain of tiny lights that you hung up in your window? Do you wish to have this a little longer, but maybe in a sleek modern and very cool, may I say, design? Then fear not! This Raimond Suspension Lamp by Moooi is what you’re looking for. Furthermore, it is not only pretty but also – well, I’m not sure how much sense it makes to say this, so forgive me – a intelligent lamp. Yes, yes, I know. Let me explain this : it is designed by “Raimond Puts, an arithmetic professor, the Raimond Suspension lamp is a sphere created from a series of triangular shapes. The intricate frames are joined at LED terminals. The glassy lenses are particularly detailed to spread warm white light in every direction.” I’m assuming that makes it a cleverer construction than my IKEA lamp. Right?more-moi-raimond-02 more-moi-raimond-03 more-moi-raimond-01 ylighting_2243_219194635via   buy here ( very pricy!)


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