3D Vases – 17th Century turned modern

Guido-Garotti-Life-Given-A-Shape-LGAS-Tredizionale-wide1 Guido-Garotti-Life-Given-A-Shape-LGAS-Tredizionale-wide-31 Guido-Garotti-Life-Given-A-Shape-LGAS-Tredizionale-wide1a Guido-Garotti-Life-Given-A-Shape-LGAS-Tredizionale-wide-1bIsn’t this the cleverest thing? 17th century style vases with 3D imagery. I’m sold, and I think ( hint hint) this would also be a great last-minute New Years present to calm things down. Imagine how nice it would look, both in a modern and sleek environment and in grandma’s old cabinet. A sure winner.

From the Artist :
The decorative code named “Antico Savona” identifies a particular style that was born and evolved between Savona and Albissola (Liguria, Italy) around the middle of the XVII century. Very popular in the white/blue version, the style developed a white/red variant and a fully coloured option can also be found. Traditional objects decorated with the Antico Savona style were once highly looked after, however as fashion evolves, these artworks today seem to have lost much of their appeal. The two projects “Deviazione” and “3Dzionale”, aim to utilize this local traditional expertise to obtain a contemporary result. 3Dzionale (3Dtional) through an adventurous time travel puts forward an unusual hybrid: a three dimensional version of the Antico Savona hand decoration. Although without rendering – of course – a real stereoscopic image, the project brakes the schemes which froze the Antico Savona for the last few centuries. The funny thing is that such an original and culture jamming result can be achieved simply by repeating twice the same age old decorations.


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