Stimulating Tableware

Yes, I like to have some stimulating tableware along with stimulating discussions – and these definitely make for some sort of discussion – , especially after a bottle of red wine. Who doesn’t. Although, quite frankly, normally I don’t really eat from tableware that feels like tongue kissing a baby toy. It’s intriguing though, .. as much as confusing and scary. Very tempted to get me some and stare at them instead of staring into my fridge ( which happens on occasions). Any other takers / try-ers?

“The project was inspired by the phenomenon of synesthesia, a neurological condition in which stimuli like taste, colour and hearing are affected and triggered by each other. People with synesthesia often report seeing a certain colour when they hear a particular word, for example.”

“ JJ: The tools I created make us focus on each bite, feel the enriched textures or enhanced chewing sounds between bites. If we can stretch the borders of what tableware can do, the eating experience can be enriched.”



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