Magnus Sodamin

I love his art, and normally I am not one for these type of paintings, so I felt an urge to share!What do you think?

Who is Magnus Sodamin?

A multidisciplinary painter, magnifying intimate encounters that embrace his surroundings. The course of each work is alert, exploring the territory between science, spirituality, and natural phenomena, engulfing each moment as that of accepting uncertainty.

Where are you from and where are you based now?

Born in Manhattan, from Norwegian and Austrian decent, I’ve oscillated between regions, but have resided in Miami for the past 13 years.

Tell us a bit more about your career to date?

My grandmother was a painter when I was a child and inspired me to paint when I visited her in Norway. As a kid I loved her paintings and would imitate some of them. Since then I’ve had some good teachers, Craig Kirk at Mast Academy, Vegard Stalsberg at Nansenskolen, Aramis O’Reilly at NWSA, to name a few. Those are some people that have guided me along towards my aim. I graduated New World School of the Arts in spring 2012. I have been showing in some local galleries in Wynwood, such as Ada Balcacaer’s gallery ABRO for the past few years. I’ve done multiple commissions, most recent the James Hotel, and BRPR firm in the Design District. Now Primary Projects.”
Your paintings are very abstract. What inspires you?

My works are geared towards dreaming into. I’m inspired by that endless reservoir of form and beauty in nature, it’s infinite submergence, it is fuel to my train of thought, whereas I can sense that through human repetition we can be very limited.

What do you want people to see once they see beyond the beauty of the paintings?

That’s is something I would like for them to see beyond. It is subjective, but I would say a deeper interest into that unknowing distance between art and nature. I would like for the viewer to have more freedom to explore their imaginations, their own obsessions.

Words that come to mind when we think of your paintings are dominant, striking and captivating. What makes your paintings so strong?

When I work I have an intimate relationship with the process, it becomes a place for me to thrive, through this I seize life and share the result.

Your exploration of nature is very obvious in your “flower waterfalls,” as we call them.

Some years ago I had this vision of how I would experience nature. This daydream inspired me to do these works years later, inevitably they are revisiting the past, falling through the ebb and flow of the present.

Do you have any other news you would like to share with us?

I’ve lately been working on several collaborations filming, creating costumes, with performers. I’ve collaborated with Marissa Alma Nick, a performer, to take part in a play, Cask, on October 26th at the 6ths St. Container. I’ve designed the set and costuming and will also be part of the performance. Through collaborations I have a certain privilege to work with strong passionate individuals who inspire me with their own cosmic energies. That way many amazing wavelengths have been shared.”

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