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Julien David – Spring 13 Mens Collection

“Les enfants gâtés” – the spoiled children. Once again, and this time for the last time – apologies for the delay in posting this, I have had this somewhere buried under many books and files. And this has been happening in the Summer in Paris, now it’s Winter and well, ehr I am not in Paris – otherwise you could see me on the odd street corner stuffing myself with Macarons – , so you can envision the time and place difference this post had to endure, and poor Sarah that so kindly provided me with the opportunity to pick the designer’s brain. Right, back on track, what’s the collection like?
If you can envision an educated mixture between daily suits – such as pyjama, work wear, tracksuit and business suit – with high end material, think soft wool melton, cotton and linen blend, bonded water repellent twill then you pretty much have it. Julien said that his aim is to link street wear with the high end market, to bridge between the attitudes and to create a dynamic hybrid that can be worn for all occasions “having the luxury to make dressy clothes into something casual”. The main drive behind these hybrids then is for Julien to put a question mark on what we consider normal. Is the routine garment normal for everyone?( look back to the title of Julien’s collection) Not sure how routine the prints partially featured on the collection are but hej, there you go, fashion being fashion!

Finally, there’s the garment construction, an essential part of the process that brings the collection to life as all garments are finished by hand, no machine stitching is involved. Then there’s the prints. Hand drawn and screen printed you do have the odd dinosaur running around over your shirt, adding a boyish charm to a collection for men.

Look at these scarfs, I might be female, but still rather tempted. And this is the printing process for the scarfs of Julien David. Amazecakes, right?


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