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Fashion Fringe- SS13

The closing of London Fashion Week – Fashion Fringe, Christopher Bailey crowning the new star to rise in the Fashion Industry- Haizhen Wang. And all that glamour. I thought all three designers, Teija Eilola, Haizhen Wang and Vita Gottlieb, were fantastic, and it must be very hard to pick out either of them, especially since we all know how odd the criteria for success in the Fashion Industry can be and are at times – ie.all the time. Setting this aside, it was a good end to several days of Fashion Week which ended in a major Fashion Fatigue on my part – I ended up showing up in jeans and t-shirt, and no not the glamorous cool type that takes 3 hours to achieve just so you can look like you haven’t tired. I mean the real and true, I haven’t tried look. A running theme through all three collections seemed to have been layering and structure, which was a surprise to me as most of Fashion Week consisted of Designers using a lot of digital or hand print on very easy going forms for garments. So hej, maybe that means next Fashion Week will be absolutely my thing with lots of structure? We’ll have to wait, sip a cup of tea and see.

Two by Gottlieb

Two by the winner – Wang

Two by Eilola


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