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Corrie Nielsen SS13 London Fashion Week

First, I need to apologize for the slow slow updates on Fashion Week. I’m currently moving and in between the boxes and running around ( very unglamorous I must admit) I have almost no time to breathe, not to mention blogging. So bear with me and accept that I’ll only pull out the ones that I truly liked the most and that in the order I’ve seen them. Right, that said – here’s Corrie Nielsen. For all of you that have been reading my blog for some time now, or just scrolled back through the archives, I have a fetish for garment construction. And sadly, that fetish hasn’t been satisfied a lot this Fashion Week, predominantly exploring prints the designers have mostly set aside the beauty and power of shapes. Not so Corrie Nielsen. Like little beautiful insects the models strolled across the catwalk, one light shaded garment more intricate than the other. Only downfall a very odd black .. well, square, that one model wore. Maybe he tried to show that the other ones are pretty by virtue of showing something very ugly. I do not know, and I probably never will. Enjoy.


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