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“Can wearable Art spread stories of inner beauty?”

Yes, I know London Fashion Week started today and I have about 500 – better of worse – images sitting with me right now but let me, and all the Fashion Week frantic have a tiny rest and look at something different, yet relevant in our considerations, especially during Fashion Week, instead.

However, because I am very tired from all the Shows and constantly find myself wondering what I’m doing while I’m doing it – it, what? – today I’ll let Yong Joo speak for herself, and her project, because the artist knows the heart of their work.

“Wearable objects are notorious for being marketed to promote superficial beauty. As a result, they are often thought to be a symbol for status or mere decoration. I would like to challenge this idea. In my studio work, I have personally witnessed—over and over again—that beauty arises from what may seem like ordinary or even mundane objects when you give them your sincere empathy and persistent trust. .. One of the main functions of art lies in challenging our preconceived notions, thoughts, and ways of life. In doing so, it empowers us to realize the hidden potentials that lie in each and every one of us, both individually and through interaction, be it with raw materials or people. When we see someone wearing an over-sized diamond ring or pair of diamond earrings, the questions that usually pop into our heads are “Wow! I wonder how much that is” or “I wonder how many carats is that.” On the other hand, the body of work I’m presenting here usually provokes questions like “I wonder what that is made of?” And when you find out, you experience a moment of surprise, which further provokes questions like “Why did I not think of that?” or “What other mundane materials can we uncover beauty from?”I find the experience of these moments of surprise and inquiry to be priceless in their ability to rekindle our child-like curiosity and wonder, as it opens the world up for us to re-imagine. And the beauty of wearable art is that it is remarkably simple to share this feeling with others. All it takes is to wear them out, and to share your story when the opportunity arises. ” You decide.

Fund Yong Joo on Kickstarter until monday to get her reach her required amount.


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