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The Last Seduction

“Clothes, as lower elements in a hierarchy of screen discourses, primarily work to reinforce narrative ideas.” Gaine

The narrative idea in this ( excellent, and yes you should watch it) movie being a woman who runs away with her husbands money and gets her new lover to kill him, prior to accusing him of rape. The topics are heavy and cold hearted, as is the female character’s clothing. Consistently dressed in black and white, with manly straight cut coats and jackets over revealing smart ( short and tight)  dresses, she sets the tone to her lifestyle. Putting this aside, I think it’s the perfect way to style a femme fatale wardrobe even without the fatale in our lives and more of the femme.. maybe a watered down version, say a clear-cut black coat would be the must-have winter item, paired with a smoking pants and a cute blouse and boom – you’re ready to roll ( just don’t make heads roll, pretty please).

For more costume design in movies look here.

Costume design by Terry Dresbach


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