Art / Jewellery

Air Tattoo

“Air Tattoo is a collection of wearable art pieces for decorating body and clothes. It enables you to wear a beautiful delicate drawing as a piece of jewellery. The patterns came from Logical Art’s very original drawings. Simply put it on and enjoy the gorgeous look! It matches with all kinds of style, even a simple T-shirt looks great with Air Tattoo. It is light, comfortable, and perfectly fit to your body (neck and shoulders) with our smart fitting design. Air Tattoo currently comes with four types of design, you can choose your favourite and create your own mix & match.” As much as I love it, I’m still not convinced to spend – even if only a small amount of – money on something that I can only wear “multiple times”. It might be just me but I’d rather have something that I can keep forever.



6 thoughts on “Air Tattoo

  1. I get that you can only wear it multiple times. But, really, how often would you wear this? They don’t seem practical. But, I still love them. They’re so different than what I usually see.

    • For me it’s less about how often I’d wear it but rather the knowledge that I *can* do so, should I wish. I don’t like to buy things that will break soon, for example bad quality clothing. I get very sad/ am attached to all I own/ when things break, so as much as I like this I wouldn’t get it myself.

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