Art / Jewellery

Shannnam Miniature Worlds

Are these not the most lovely, delicate things yet to be discovered? These tiny little worlds on your fingers – and I am not talking about this bacteria culture you nurture my dear. If there’s one accessory that I wouldn’t be able to give up buying it would definitely be a ring. Don’t ask me why as most of the ones I own are statement pieces that make it hard to type, but I dearly love all of them, two boxes full all of them. Anyway, back to these babies. I’m especially intrigued about the workmanship that has gone into creating these mini worlds and what hooked me was that I actually could feel the stories behind them, and who can really say that about a ring one has no personal attachment to? One of them even made my brain weep a little, up to you to figure out which one – which story!

78-dsc_25761-230x300 54-dsc_25531-230x300 49-dsc_2490-230x300 last-winter-3-low-230x300 18-dsc_2354-230x300 80-dsc_2633-2-230x300 47-dsc_2563-230x300 108-288x3001-231x300 51-dsc_2348-a-230x300 12-dsc_2371-230x300 the-bench-2-230x300


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