Fashion Campaigns – The Fall Edition

The Fashion Campaigns for fall are slowly dripping in, urging us to remind ourselves that summer is soon over and that we should update our wardrobe. Not like we don’t already own enough things winter.. Luckily, for my budget, my fashion conscience is still on vacations jumping around fanatically in a some frilly piece of fabric that someone dared to call a bathing suit. Hence, I’m not yet affected by the actual message of these campaigns. So before this mentioned process of needing a fifth winter coat knocks on my mental door, I’ll just look at what these campaigns basically are – images. And since there are too many to post, I’ve picked out my favourites, based on completely unfashionable motives; because, has anyone else noticed how uninspired most are?
Uniqlo : points in my book for having a massive bee playing an instrument sitting in front of the model, further points for absolutely no reason as to why there is this bee sitting around. The bee can read the music paper, have you ever seen a bee that can do that? The models face now reminds me of a bee, honey star for this association.
Emilio Pucci: Blue, the message is clearly blue (emotionally?). Also, a coroner’s light, yes that is what it reminds me of. The model already looks suspiciously half-dead.. Points for reminding me of crime, shattered asian porcelain vases and CSI, I like CSI.
Edun: Holy Moly, an owl, and it attacks the model. That gets points in my book, especially as a former Harry Potter fanatic ( joke, still love it). On a side note, the model wears leopard print, will she attack the owl back? Does her face express happiness concerning the encounter with the owl or terror? These stories are what it’s, whatever it is, made of.
Alexander McQueen: Well, because nothing at the moment functions without an image of some McQueen piece. Also, the model is a massive shell monster covered in glue that rolled around rose petals.

Giorgio Armani: Full points, because I’m totally opinionated and actually love everything about this.
Valentino: It’s dark. Dark is mysterious. Mysterious is apparently good, points for being good. Everything sort of matches in a weird Monk on a day out manner, it technically doesn’t match but really it does. I’m confused, another point for Valentino. It’s looking like an expensive place, Valentino is an expensive brand, clever, clever. One of the model holds a studded Ipad case? More confusion ensues.
Mulberry: I really couldn’t care less what the model is sporting in this campaign. There are fluffy monsters hiding. Fluffy, fluffy monsters. The left one must know a good washing liquid to keep so clean. Maybe he can share the trick with my vine stained dresses?
Vera Wang: Points because this campaign plays with mirror tricks. Oh and tricks that make you think you look at a model in a mirror. Further points for mirrors in a field and models in bridal gowns standing around like shy deers.
Tom Ford: I spy with my little eye.. a grasshopper in red, lots of red.


One thought on “Fashion Campaigns – The Fall Edition

  1. For the Mulberry, I thought it was Where the Wild Things Are. All of these campaigns have a nice look to them. I also really liked the Dior ad with Mila Kunis on a balcony with short hair. She’s so pretty AND a total nerd. I hate her.

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