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Linda Evangelista – The Latex Superhero

In a world between the sexualisation of Catwoman and  50 Shades of Grey this photo shoot demonstrates the Fashion aspect of all things latex and leather, bondage and breasts and well, you get the picture. Unlike certain “somethings” this shoot is tastefully done in a way that I am not sure whether to congratulate the designer and photographer for this lovely presentation or wondering who on earth is actually going to wear this. But maybe that´s where aforementioned book comes in? Maybe even, this is the perfect fashion for a Hollywood version – apparently, there are rumours- of the 50 Shades, should Hollywood opt for a more realistic approach towards the topic, steaming up more than e-readers, and less of an IceQueen Snowdragon one. ( that´s the authors name under which she originally published the book, and this version may also still be found online, shhh)

( Kudos to Linda Evangelista and Steven Klein, Styled by Edward Enninful for Wmagazine)


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