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Jeff Garner – Sustainable Clothing, the upcycle part.

It’s sunday and I’m generally not the most motivated on a sunday, so I decided to go have a look through recent photos, and look what I found – Images from London Fashion Week earlier this year. I didn’t post them because at that point I hardly even knew how to go to a Dashboard on WordPress. Yes, that bad.

Anyhow, I’m here now, staring intensely at these images and I’ve decided they’re worth putting up. I already posted about Sustainable Fashion in March, concerning garments grown out of Bacteria; this post, as a balancing point – no Bacteria- also features Sustainable Fashion, but in the more traditional way. Jeff Garner basically upcycles, what a fancy new word ( re-cycling things and making them better), old garments in order to create new ones out of them. In my opinion he succeeded with that, yet he might have done well using stronger colours and re-dying the fabric so that it looks a tad fresher and less like what it is – Grandma’s closet.


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