Dirndl du Madl!

I’m certain that this type of traditional clothing is not commonly found on style blogs, so I thought why not change that ? Apparently, this change comes along with cut off heads from the female models and sadly a sub-optimal scanning quality. But it’s not really about this, right? It’s about the clothing, the colours, the cuts and ultimately something different. And for those wondering why and how, yes, I did recently buy a Dirndl ( the dress ). Personal first and it turned out less Heidi from the Alps than I imagined. (wouldn’t say no to a tiny baby lamb to follow me around though)
And for a matter of fact, they’re great to hide those nasty extra pounds around the hips and have a great transformational value :  you instantaneously feel more feminine and you can change the whole style of the Dirndl by adding a different blouse or apron – think darker shades for more serious, light shades for daily events, different shades for hair/eye-colours, dotty ones for children etc.


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